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Girl Brought To Tears As Her Beloved Cat Is Returned After Disappearing For Almost A Year

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A young girl was brought to tears at being reunited with her beloved cat who had been missing for almost an entire year.

Adorable Lilly-Mae Purssey, aged seven, had no idea her cat Freddie would be waiting for her when she returned home from school on June 24.

Lilly with Freddie. ©

Standing in her family home in Havant, UK, Lilly covered her eyes before removing her hand to the astonishing sight of her 5-year-old cat sitting on the sofa once more.

Open-mouthed in shock, Lilly darted over to Freddie before picking him up for a cuddle and bursting into tears.

The cat had gone missing in August 2018 after the family had moved to a new home that didn’t allow cats.


After being sent to stay with Lilly’s grandmother, Freddie managed to climb out of an upstairs window, not knowing his way home.

But, despite the failed attempts to find the cat, Lilly always kept faith, and one day Freddie was discovered by a member of the public who didn’t want him to be outside during a thunderstorm.

They took Freddie – who was believed to have been living in a camp site – to the vet, and when they checked his chip, Lilly’s family were informed that the cat had been found.

Lilly’s mother, Emma, said that her daughter was at school when the discovery happened, and so that evening she drove to her Nanny’s to “pick something up,” only to return with the cat as a surprise.


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Lilly’s uncle, James Egan, shared the footage.

He said: “I’ve watched the video 15 times and I still can’t look at it without crying – Lilly said it was the happiest moment of her entire life.

“Lilly never believed that Freddie had died – she always believed he was still out there.

“It just goes to show that no matter how unlikely it is that they are alive, you should never lose hope.”


Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media

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