Cat Yells No At Owner Trying To Bathe Him

Adorable cat appears to speak in hilarious viral clip


It’s common knowledge that domestic cats hate water.

But one moggie has taken things a step further – seemingly saying ‘No’ to his owners bathe him.

In video shot by Lark Sowell, his cat Bobby can be seen perched on the edge of his bath, being washed with a special flea shampoo.

Looking glum and unhappy, Lark’s wife Lauren rhetorically asks Bobby, “You don’t like your flea bath?”.

Amazingly, with his chin rested on the edge of the bath, the cat suddenly says “No!”, before struggling and trying to get out.

©T&T Creative Media

©T&T Creative Media

The couple burst into laughter as they comprehend what they think they just heard.

Lark said: “Bobby had fleas and needed a bath.


“But by the sounds of his answer to our question, he definitely does not like baths!

“Bobby is a really vocal cat – he is always meowing. But nothing has really sounded like any words up until he had his bath.

“Initially I couldn’t stoop laughing every time I watched the video back – it was hilarious how it sounded like he said no in answer tot he question.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media