Good NewsMan Proposes to Girlfriend With Help of Sloth

Man Proposes to Girlfriend With Help of Sloth

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A creative boyfriend called on a helping paw from a sloth has he decided to pop the question to his future wife.


Justin Schnurstein knew girlfriend Elizabeth LaGumina’s love of the animals ran deep, and so he decided to incorporate some sloths into his proposal.

The 26-year-old said Liz, 32, has seen sloths in the wild in Costa Rica and enjoys that they are so slow in a world that’s fast-paced.

And so, on October 5, Justin took Liz to have her hair and makeup done as a birthday surprise, before taking her to a studio in the art district of Las Vegas, Nevada.

There, Liz was greeted by two sloths – first a baby called Velcro and then an adult called Winchester.

In the food container Liz was to use to treat the sloths with was a sloth pun love note hidden under the guise of “instructions”.


As Justin suggested she read the instructions that was his moment to ask the big question.

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The note read: “You are ameezing and I sloth you slow much.

“I truly hope that I have succeeded in making this the best birthday ever.


“Elizabeth Marie LaGumina you are my sloth mate, so I was wondering – will you marry me?”

A stunned Liz said Yes, in a beautiful moment that was captured on video.

The couple are planning to get married on April 25 next year, and their new friend, Winchester, resides at the Las Vegas Sloth Experience.

Liz said: “When he pointed to the sloth I looked and had about 5 different emotions at the same time.

“They actually had to make me calm down before I could hold the sloth so I did some deep breathing to prepare.


“Holding the sloth was the best – his hair was long and fluffy and I enjoyed spending time with him.

“They took away the sloth to put him in his crate to get ready for feeding and they handed me a container with food and a paper they said were feeding instructions.

“They told me multiple times to read the ‘instructions’ so I finally opened it up and it was a letter asking me to marry Justin.

“I was so surprised and happy.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media

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