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Adopted Twins Meet Biological Baby Sister After She Too Is Adopted

Adopted twin toddlers adorably met their biological sister after their adoptive parents also adopted her.

Rescue Dog Sworn in as Police Department’s First Canine Officer

A police department has welcomed its newest recruit - Bolo, a rescue dog - as its inaugural paw-trol officer.

Lovable Street Dog Who Followed Travelers Around Bolivia and Was Nicknamed Chase Gets Adopted...

A street dog who followed a group of travelers around Bolivia has been flown to North America and adopted by one of the group.

Adopted Sisters Reunite After 55 Years in Tearful Embrace

Rita Smith and Lisa Wolf were adopted as babies and grew up just two hours apart, but they didn't meet until 55 years later. The sisters were reunited in June 2022 after Rita's daughter Taya Somes helped them find each other on Facebook. The moment they met was captured on video, and the sisters were both visibly emotional.

Toddler’s Surprising Reaction At Learning Mom Was Adopted Melts Hearts

A family's security camera captured the wholesome moment a three-year-old girl discovered her mom was adopted.

Stepdad Fights Back Tears as He Reaches the End of Photo Album Gift From...

A stepdad fought back tears as he turned to the last page of a photo album filled with memories of him and his stepdaughter to discover a heartfelt adoption request.

Adopted Woman Shares Emotional First Hugs With Biological Dad and Sister After Searching for...

An adopted woman who spent decades wondering who her biological dad was finally able to share an emotional first hug with him and sister – a moment more than 30 years in the making.

Adopted Harry Potter Fan Can’t Believe Her Eyes As New Parents Surprise Her With...

A Harry Potter fan who had recently been adopted froze in shock when she discovered her new parents had given her bedroom a magical makeover themed on the wizarding franchise.
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