A Harry Potter fan who had recently been adopted froze in shock when she discovered her new parents had given her bedroom a magical makeover themed on the wizarding franchise.

Autumn Carden, 15, was in foster care with Chris and Julie Carden, from Dandridge, Tennessee, when on a church questionnaire wrote all she wanted was a mom and dad – which led to them wanting to adopt.

Knowing how much Autumn loves books and Harry Potter, after her adoption was official, the family decided they wanted to do something extra special for her.

Their daughter, Kristen Holbrook, helped them secretly work on the Potter-themed room, and once it was ready, on March 30, 2022, Kristen shared Autumn’s reaction to the surprise on social media.

Autumn’s stunned reaction to her new room. ©T&T Creative Media

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As Autumn entered the room her jaw dropped, and she covered her mouth in shock.

In front of her were floating candles, Hogwarts-style sheets, curtains, lamps, wax-sealed letters, old books, and a mirror that looked straight out of the movie.

The video soon blew up online, and Kristen, 29, said: “It was so special – a moment I’ll never forget.

“I knew she had probably never had anything like this done, and her reaction was priceless.


“Our goal was to make her feel so loved and special and I knew instantly she felt that way.

“People were in love with her room – I’ve had grown adults say how they wish that was their bedroom.

“I’m shocked that the video blew up as much as it did, but it’s been really cool to see the positive reaction.

“So many people were moved by the story because most of the time you see little kids or babies get adopted, not teenagers, so I think that was so cool for people to see a teenager get adopted because that is such a need.”

Story via T&T Creative Media