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Man Honored After Completing Act of Kindness Everyday for Three Years

A teenager has been honored for carrying out an act of kindness everyday for three years.

Kindhearted Strangers Carry Woman in Wheelchair Across Beach to Help Her Fulfill Dream of...

Kind strangers carried a woman in a wheelchair across the beach to help her experience the ocean for the first time in 15 years.

Daughter Surprises Parents With $20,000 Stuffed in Chick-Fil-A Boxes to Pay Off Mortgage

Janice Tan paid off her parents' mortgage by stuffing $20,000 in cash into Chick-Fil-A nugget boxes. The heartwarming gesture was caught on camera and has since gone viral.

Mom Shares Video of Son’s Sweet Gesture to Sanitation Workers

A 3-year-old boy has shown his appreciation for sanitation workers with a sweet-hearted gesture that has since gone viral. Gabriel Martinez, who is fascinated by cars and trucks, set up a table outside his home with drinks and cookies for the sanitation workers who pass by his house.

Kind-Hearted Trucker Pays It Forward And Tows Family To Gas Station Before Paying For...

A kind-hearted trucker saved a stranded family by pulling over and towing them to the nearest gas station before paying for their gas and secretly writing ‘Pay It Forward’ on the receipt.

Girl’s Random Act Of Kindness For Rain Lashed Lifeguard

A six-year-old has been filmed marching out onto a wind and rain lashed beach to give a lifeguard some lunch.

86-Year-Old Man Turns Recycling Into $400k Donation To Kid’s Home

A heroic good samaritan has raised $400,000 for a children's home - by saving up scraps and recycling them.
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