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Kindhearted Strangers Carry Woman in Wheelchair Across Beach to Help Her Fulfill Dream of Experiencing the Ocean

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A group of kindhearted passersby carried a woman who uses a wheelchair across the beach so she could fulfill her dream of experiencing the ocean.


Jason Kosky, 39, from Laguna Beach, California, was sitting at a bar in Honolulu, Hawaii when he started chatting with Mikaela.

Mikaela, who had been using a motorized wheelchair for years, told Jason she had previously been based on the East Coast before her health started to decline.

As Mikaela lost the ability to walk, Jason said, she moved to Hawaii to be with her second partner, who was stationed there with the Navy and then retired.

After Mikaela’s partner passed away, she started being helped by a caregiver.

According to Jason, Mikaela mentioned she was working with a doctor to improve her leg function and mobility, and her goal one day was to walk again, possibly even get in the ocean for the first time in 15 years.


At this point, Jason asked Mikaela if she would like to experience the ocean again right now – an offer, he said, that Mikaela was hesitant to accept.

But when a nearby barman pointed out that Mikaela might not get another chance, she happily accepted the offer.

Along with a fellow vacationer from the bar, they carried Mikaela across the beach and into the water, and as she entered the water itself, her face immediately lit up, smiling from ear to ear as she was helped by the kindhearted strangers she had just met.

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After the moment, Jason said he was so impacted that he found it difficult to say goodbye to Mikaela.

He later set up a group, Little Acts Of Kindness, which he hopes to use to inspire others, while he and Mikaela are also planning to meet and catch up soon.

He said: “Mikaela had been using her motorized wheelchair for years, and her caregiver was having lunch at the same place they have lunch nearly every afternoon.

“She then casually mentioned she was working with a doctor to help improve her leg function and mobility.

“Her goal was to one day be able to walk again so she would not need as much around-the-clock help and so she could get into the ocean for the first time in over a decade.

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“I asked her if there was any medical reason or if her doctor had instructed her not to go into the ocean and after she confirmed there wasn’t, I asked her if she wanted to get in the ocean today.

“I felt fulfilled – something that I’ve struggled to find before, and after we got her back in her wheelchair, I wasn’t able to hold it together; I couldn’t even say goodbye to them.

“I was so emotionally drained from the event and overwhelmed by people walking up to me to get the story I had to leave to go be with myself.

“A little bit of kindness doesn’t cost you a thing, but it could be worth more than all the money in the world to someone else.”

You can donate to Mikaela’s GoFundMe here:

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