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Daughter Surprises Parents With $20,000 Stuffed in Chick-Fil-A Boxes to Pay Off Mortgage

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A woman surprised her parents by paying off their mortgage – stuffing $20,000 into Chick-Fil-A nugget boxes.

Janice Tan surprised her parents, Evelyn and Kimsoon Tan, saying she wanted to treat them to their favorite meal from Chick-Fil-A.

But she had secretly withdrawn $20,000 in cash, which she stuffed into the boxes ready for them to find while eating at their home in Allen, Texas.

Janice explained: “My parents are immigrants from Malaysia. My dad first came to America to study. Our extended family helped pay for his flight, and a year later, my mom, older brother, and sister flew out to join him.

“We never grew up with much, and I remember only getting free or donated clothes and gifts.


“Since I lived at home, my parents would confide in me often about their struggles financially.

“I wanted to give back to them. It took me the last six years working to save up this money, but I thought it was a respectable thing to do since they have let me have somewhere to live and made home-cooked meals for me every day.”

Janice’s dad opens his nugget box to find it stuffed with dollars. ©T&T Creative Media
Janice’s parents hug her to say thanks for the kindhearted gesture. ©T&T Creative Media

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Footage of the moment shows Janice’s parents sitting at the dining table.


After praying, the family tucks into their meals only for father Kimsoon to scream out, “What is this?” as he pulls wads of cash from inside his nugget box.

Mom Evelyn then checks her nugget box to discover yet more bundles of notes hidden inside.

As the gesture dawns on them, the parents reach over the table to hug Janice and say thanks.

Janice added: “I knew they would be happy, but I didn’t think they’d cry.

“I didn’t think I would cry, but every time I think about how much they’ve done for me, I can’t help it.


“They were super thankful because they knew I had a wedding coming up soon, and they were saying how they should be the ones giving money to me since I was about to get married.

“It makes my heart happy that I could do this act of kindness for the people I love the most.

“My dad paid off the mortgage the next day, and since then, I can tell they feel a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.”


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