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Mom Shares Video of Son’s Sweet Gesture to Sanitation Workers

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A proud mom has shared the sweet moment her three-year-old son asked if he could share drinks and cookies with his local sanitation workers – even setting up a table for them outside his home.

Gabriel Martinez, from Santiago, Chile, has always been fascinated by cars and trucks, mom Nicole said, and when the local garbage truck passes by his house, Gabriel always greets the workers on the street.

One day Gabriel asked Nicole if they could purchase some drinks and cookies for the workers, which she happily agreed to, and the pair set up a table for the snacks.

As the grateful workers then came by and picked up their cookies, Nicole shot footage she intended to share with her family but ended up going viral with millions of views on social media.

Gabriel greets his favorite neighborhood sanitation workers with snacks and drinks. ©@martinezal1 / T&T Creative Media
Gabriel poses with his new friends. ©@martinezal1 / T&T Creative Media

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Nicole never expected the moment to receive so much attention, but having seen all the positive comments, said she felt proud of her son and the gesture he had planned.

Speaking of the moment, which took place on March 2, she said: “The response has been super positive, with many congratulations to both him and us, as parents.

“People have been moved by such a nice gesture.

“The message I hope people take is that with small things we can make others happy – we are all the same and no one is more than another; no one is different because of their skin color or their economic situation.



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