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Military Son Surprises Dad at Work After Long Deployment

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A nurse dad struggled to hold back his tears when his military son returned home from deployment to surprise him after nine months overseas.

In the sweet footage, shot in the nursing home where Mark Morrison works, his son Zach is initially seen walking through a hallway.

Then, when he reached the front desk, his father happened to be walking around the corner, immediately noticing the familiar figure looking back at him.

Mark double took, before heading over for an emotional hug with Zach, a staff sergeant with the United States Army.

As the pair embraced, the moment got too much for Michael, who started to well up with happy tears.


The surprise took place at a nursing home in Asheville, North Carolina, on December 20, 2022, and Michael was so shocked, family said, because Zach was not supposed to return home until January.

It had been a tough year for Zach, as his firstborn, Sebastian, was only a few months old when he was called up for his deployment overseas, his wife, Breanna, revealed.

Breanna helped plan the surprise for Mark, along with Zach’s sister, Chloe, who captured the moment on video.

Zach and Mark embrace. ©T&T Creative Media
Zach on active duty (left) and with his family (right). ©T&T Creative Media

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Breanna said: “While I wasn’t there in person, I ugly cried when I saw the video.

“I’ve never seen Mark cry, but seeing his joy and then his relief, that is exactly how I felt when I first saw Zach come home.

“I was so happy that we were able to surprise his parents and bring them the same peace that I felt.

“It truly was so special to be able to bring Zach home for the holidays to visit his family.”


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