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This is the adorable moment a baby can’t contain her excitement at meeting her tiny new puppy for the first time.

Sweet eight-month-old Paulina Rose can’t believe her eyes as mom Ashlyn Davis approaches holding CoCo, a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, cupped in her hands.

Ashlyn, from New Mexico, USA, holds CoCo out in front of Paulina who stares wondrously at the cute pup wide-eyed and open-mouthed, before eagerly reaching out to touch her.

Paulina lets out a few baby screams while almost hyperventilating with excitement as CoCo looks back at her equally as captivated by her new human sister.

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Ashlyn said: “I surprised my eight-month-old daughter Paulina Rose with her new puppy CoCo and she was so excited – it was almost as if she started hyperventilating.

“We were hoping she would show some type of excitement but we didn’t expect her to have the reaction she did and be that excited.

“They do already like to play together but CoCo is still too small right now so it’s hard because Paulina wants to pick her up and squeeze her.

“My mom owns a dog so she’s seen dogs before but has never acted the way she did with CoCo who is actually one of my mom’s dog’s babies.”

Baby And Puppy Meet For First Time

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