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Best Friend’s Newborn Miracle Baby Named After Her in Emotional Surprise

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A woman has gone viral after she bawled happy tears when she was surprised with the news that her best friend’s newborn “miracle” baby had been named after her.


As Morgan Shaw passed her best friend, Mireya Elliott, her newborn baby, she informed Mireya that her name had been incorporated into that of her baby daughter.

Morgan, 31, said, “Meet Juniper Maeve Mireya Shaw,” causing Mireya, 29, to double-take, her face changing from a beaming smile to welling up.

Then, Mireya kept repeating, “No you did not! No you did not!” as her best friend passed her daughter across for a sobbing Mireya to hold for the very first time.

Morgan Shaw / T&T Creative Media

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The moment took place on September 26 at the NICU in Conway Regional Hospital, Arkansas, where Juniper had been taken after being born at just 3 pounds and 10 ounces.


Juniper’s birth had been somewhat of a miracle, Morgan said, as doctors at her 18-week scan informed her that her daughter was high risk due to her growth falling behind.

Eventually, after Morgan’s 36-week scan, her baby was born through an emergency procedure, where it became clear that her lack of growth was due to her umbilical cord being restricted and not developing fully. 

Morgan and Mireya have been best friends since Morgan moved to Conway for college, being “inseparable” from the moment they first met.

The pair went through all the experiences of late teenage years and young adulthood together, and even after Mireya moved to Wisconsin, they continued to stay in regular contact.


After Juniper was born early, Mireya headed thousands of miles across the states to see her best friend, knowing how much she would need her support, given that Juniper was in the NICU.

Mireya surprised Morgan by being at her house when she returned from hospital one day – but her friend had an even bigger one in store.

Morgan did not tell Mireya that she had named her baby yet, and when the grand reveal came in the NICU, she made sure she captured the moment on video.

Morgan Shaw / T&T Creative Media

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Mireya shared that clip online, where it received an incredible 20 million views


Morgan said: “The delayed realization and shock you saw in the video was worth every day we had to wait and hold onto this secret. 

“Her reaction was like a scene from a movie – it was everything we hoped it would be and meant so much to everyone involved.

Morgan Shaw / T&T Creative Media

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“Mireya has always deeply loved our children since our firstborn.

“She has a fun aunt relationship with all of them, and they are always over-the-moon excited when they know she’s coming to town to visit. 

“Junie is no exception to that, and now they are bonded in their own special way.”

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