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Students Surprise Cafeteria Worker Who Is Deaf by Learning ASL to Order Their Lunches

A class of elementary school students learned American Sign Language so they could communicate with their school's cafeteria worker, who is deaf.

Deaf Siblings Reunite After Decades Apart in Overwhelming Moment

A pair of siblings who are deaf embrace for the first time in more than a decade after a surprise reunion.

Baby’s Joy Is Contagious as He Hears Parents’ Voices for the First Time

A happy youngster couldn’t hide his delight when his hearing aids were activated for the first time and could hear his mother and father's voices.

Second-Graders Learn Sign Language to Greet Their Teacher Who is Deaf

Kim Peyton, a deaf teacher in New Jersey, is greeted by her second-graders in sign language every morning. The students, who are a mixture of regular and special education students, have learned sign language so that they can communicate with their teacher. The heartwarming video of the students greeting their teacher has gone viral, and Peyton says she hopes it will inspire other schools to introduce sign language to their students.

Son Surprises Dad Who Is Deaf After Eight Years Apart in Different Countries

A son shared an emotional reunion with his father who is deaf when he returned to the Caribbean to surprise him after eight years apart.
neighbors sign happy birthday to deaf boy

Neighbors Learn Sign Language So They Can Sign Happy Birthday To Boy Who Is...

A boy who is deaf was given a birthday surprise he will never forget despite isolation rules, as his entire neighborhood signed Happy Birthday to him from the street.

Toddler Dances As She Hears The Sounds Of Her Favorite Toys For First Time...

A toddler who had become deaf broke into dance after regaining her hearing, as she was able to listen to the music of her favorite toys once more.
baby hears mom sing

Toddler With First Hearing Aids Can’t Stop Giggling When Hearing Mom Sing For The...

A family captured the adorable moment their toddler son couldn’t stop giggling when he heard his mom sing for the first time.

Girl Overcome With Emotion Hearing Parents’ Voices For First Time

A little girl was overcome with emotion as she was able to hear her mother and father's voices for the first time in her life.

Parents Catch Deaf Daughter Adorably Trying to Teach Siblings Sign Language

This is the adorable moment a deaf three-year-old began teaching her 17-month-old siblings sign language.
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