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Boy Who Is Blind Lights up When He Hears His Dad’s Voice

A young boy who is blind has gone viral after his father shared a beautiful video of his son lighting up on a school campus as soon as he recognized his voice.

Dad With Vision Impairment Surprises Daughter With Heartfelt Song at Wedding

A dad with vision impairment surprised his daughter with a heartfelt song at her wedding bringing tears to everyone's eyes. Alexander Miller, who is legally blind, recorded his own version of the father-daughter dance song and played it as he danced with his daughter, Aimee. The gesture has quickly gone viral.

Sister Helps Brother Who Is Blind Experience Water Slide For First Time

A loving sister helps her older brother who is blind experience a waterslide for the very first time by finding ways to “be his eyes” to overcome his fears.

Daughter Who Beat Cancer Finally Able To Reunite With Blind Father On His 80th...

This is the emotional moment a father who is blind was brought to tears on his 80th birthday as he is surprised by his daughter after she beat cancer and who...
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