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Boy Who Is Blind Lights up When He Hears His Dad’s Voice

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A young boy who is blind has gone viral after his father shared a beautiful video of his son lighting up on a school campus as soon as he recognized his voice.


In the wholesome surprise video – which has been viewed nearly 55 million times – Rossy Armstrong, 5, is seen walking around his school campus after lunch, using his cane to guide him.

Then, his father, Ross, 34, who was recording his son as he walked past, suddenly said, “Hey, Rossy!”

As soon as Rossy, who has optic nerve hypoplasia, heard the familiar voice, he stopped, turned around, and joyfully replied, “Daddy?!”

Ross then affirmed that it was him, and the excited youngster changed his course and headed over to his father for a loving hug, his voice filled with excitement.

The moment took place at Louisiana School For The Visually Impaired in Baton Rouge on May 17.


Ross later posted the video on his social media channels, and to date, it has received more than five million likes.

According to Ross, Rossy is blind with limited vision – but that doesn’t stop him from being a huge ball of energy.

Ross and his wife, Victoria, share videos of Rossy, hoping to raise awareness for visually impaired children.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Ross and Victoria said they would visit Rossy at school often, but as campus visits have been limited, this viral moment was a complete surprise to their son.

Rossy reacts to hearing his dad’s voice. ©@rosspirelli / T&T Creative Media

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Ross said: “There are certain moments as a parent that you can never replace being there – my wife and I strive to create these moments with all of our kids.

“This moment gave me chills and left me speechless because after the camera cut off, he greeted me with a big hug.

“Even though this particular moment was priceless, I didn’t feel any more or less joy than Rossy gives me daily because he leaves everyone he encounters filled up with his presence.

“We have been documenting his journey since he was a few months old and created a campaign labeled ‘Rossy’s Joy.’


“I had my notifications turned on and my phone buzzed for a week straight before I turned them off.

“It has brought so much awareness to optic nerve hypoplasia, the condition that has affected Rossy’s vision.”

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