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Man Accidentally Develops Hilarious Way Of Putting Friends’ Baby To Sleep Within 15 Seconds...

A man has accidentally discovered a hilarious unique way of putting his friends’ baby to sleep within 15 seconds - by stroking him with his beard.

Doctor Distracts Baby From Vaccine With Goofy Tune

A doctor distracts his baby patients while they recieve their first vaccines by singing an ingenious goofy song.

Great-Grandfather Brought To Tears When He Sees New Great-Grandson Is Named After Him

A new great-grandfather began to sob uncontrollably in a hospital ward, as he was surprised with the news that the latest family member had been named after him and his father.
Baby with down syndrome meets brother

Toddler With Down Syndrome Cannot Stop Smiling As He Holds Newborn Baby Brother For...

A boy with Down syndrome could not hide his delight as he got to hold his newborn brother in his arms for the first time.
baby laughs at air shot

Unsympathetic Baby Bursts Into Screams Of Laughter As Mom Takes Golf Air Shot

A cheeky baby’s reaction to her mother’s missed golf swing has gone viral, after she burst into hysterics as soon as he mom made an air shot.

Baby Gets Guard Of Honor From Doctors And Nurses After Beating Covid

A six-month-old baby was given an emotional guard of honor by tearful nurses after she was released from isolation having beaten the coronavirus.
Dad makes baby cocktail

Pro Bartender Goes Viral After Filming Himself Making A Baby Cocktail During Lockdown

A professional bartender has gone viral after sharing a video of him making his toddler son a “Tinytini” cocktail during lockdown.

First Time Grandfather Meets Granddaughter After Agonizing 10 Month Wait

A first-time grandfather broke down in tears during a surprise meeting with is first grandchild, who he had waited 10 months to meet.
Soldier meets newborn son

Soldier Breaks Down In Tears After Meeting His Eight-Month-Old Son For First Time Following...

An emotional soldier couldn’t hold back his tears as he came face-to-face with his eight-month-old son for the first time after being on deployment in the Middle East when he was born.

Baby Copies Mom’s Yoga Moves As The Pair Perform Acrobatic Poses

An adorable baby has been filmed copying - and acing - her mom’s yoga moves despite being unable to walk yet.