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Musician Dad Shares Ingenious Routine Where His Beatboxing Immediately Stops Baby From Crying

A musical dad has come up with an ingenious way of stopping his baby from crying - by beatboxing his way to grabbing the youngster's attention.

New Dad Breaks Into Celebratory Twerk After Placing Sleeping Baby In Rocker Without Waking...

A relieved dad broke into a celebratory twerk as he managed to successfully place his sleeping baby in his rocker without waking him.

“Quarantine Babies” Born In 2020 Adorably Can’t Stop Hugging When Meeting For First Time

A pair of “quarantine babies” born in 2020 have gone viral after their parents shared a video of them being able to hug for the first time.

Baby Has Adorable Reaction To First Haircut, Giggling Throughout As Barber Trims His Long...

A baby had an adorable reaction to his first haircut as he couldn’t stop giggling throughout the process.
IVf clinic staff surprise couple with baby news

Fertility Clinic Staff Go Viral As They Surprise Couple With Baby News

Fertility clinic staff went viral after sharing a video of themselves celebrating the news of a successful IVF pregnancy with a happy couple.
great-great-grandson surprise

Great-Great-Grandmother Surprised On 96th Birthday With First Visit From Family’s Latest Newborn

A 96-year-old woman clapped her hands and shook with joy as she finally got to hold her great-great-grandson for the first time after being separated from her family during the pandemic.

Baby Stops Crying When Hearing Parents’ Voices For First Time

A baby immediately stops crying when hearing the sound of his parents’ voices or the first time after having his hearing aids turned on.

Grandpa Cries When He Discovers Baby Is Named After Him

An emotional grandfather couldn’t hold back his tears when he read his newborn grandson's name tag to discover the baby had been named after him.

Police Officer Cannot Hide His Shock When A Routine Traffic Stop Turns Into Amazing...

A police officer’s shock quickly switched to delight when a routine traffic stop turned into a surprise pregnancy reveal set up by his wife.

Adorable Baby Goes Viral As Harry Styles-Obsessed Mom Shows How Listening To The British...

An adorable five-month-old baby girl has gone viral after her mom showed how listening to Harry Styles immediately calms her down.