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Grandpa-to-be Fights Back Tears When He Sees Name Blankets in Nursery and Realizes One of His Twin Grandbabies is Set to Be Named After Him

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A proud grandpa-to-be fought back tears of joy when he saw his twin grandbaby’s name blankets and discovered one of them was named after him.


Sarah Groene, from Cincinnati, Ohio, said her father, Kenneth, has always been her biggest inspiration and supporter.

During her childhood, he’d take her to Bengals football games and never missed gymnastics meets, while in adulthood, he’s always been on hand to help her and her husband with home improvements.

So, when Sarah received the news she was set to have twins, she knew she wanted to carry on the Taylor surname and add an honorary nod to her father’s influence in her life.

The 32-year-old decided to flip her father’s name and call one of the twins Taylor Kenneth.

With the twins due in April, Sarah began work on their nursery in advance, readying everything by the start of February – providing the perfect opportunity to surprise her dad with the naming news.


The couple invited their parents over, and as Kenneth entered the room, he was encouraged to look at the naming blanket on one of the cribs.

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As soon as he saw the name staring back at him, he immediately welled up, causing Sarah and her husband to cry as she captured the heartwarming moment on video.

She said: “We knew my dad would see the name blanket in the nursery, and the second we saw it, we knew how excited he would be.


“He immediately teared up hearing that one of the twins would be named after him – it was such a special moment and seeing how touched my dad was by our decision was heartwarming.

“My husband and I both cried seeing his reaction as he’s inspired us, so we are honored to have one of our twins carry on his namesake.

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“My family has been excited to hear about the name and they have loved seeing the video on social media.

“My message to other people is to include family members or other role models in their kids’ lives where it fits.


“Also, to go with whatever name you choose when naming a child and not worry about other people’s opinions.

“We had so many people tell us not to worry about naming kids after family members; however, we wanted to carry on names and we are so glad we did.”

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