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Mom’s Stealth Mission to Avoid Waking Son Thwarted

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This mom displayed some ninja-like moves to sneak out of her son’s bedroom without waking him – only for him to rise five minutes later.


Lauren, from Fair Lawn, NJ, knows every creaky floorboard in the family’s home, especially in five-year-old son Hayden’s room.

Being a light sleeper, she has learned to stealthily creep out of the room in the dark – avoiding objects and creaky floorboards as she goes.

But nanny cam footage recorded on the family’s monitor device shows the hilarious moment Lauren employs her nightly ninja-like moves to creep out and close the door.

But literally five minutes later, Hayden can be seen stirring before exiting his bed and heading downstairs.

Dad Chad, who was watching the whole thing unfold after noticing his wife’s odd movements on the monitor, said: “Each night my wife puts our son to sleep. He likes to sleep in our bed, so we have to stay with him until he falls asleep in his own bed instead.


“But if you make a sound he will wake up instantly and it starts all over again.

Lauren and Hayden. ©Chad Cham / T&T Creative Media

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“This particular night I just happened to check the nanny cam and saw mom sneaking out. She knows every crack of the floor and was trying not to step on any of the creaky floorboards.

“Obviously it didn’t matter that he woke up, but my wife was hysterical when I showed her the footage.


“Our entire family went crazy when I texted it to them.”

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