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2-Year-Old Golf Prodigy Caught on Camera Practicing Swing in the Middle of the Night

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A couple couldn’t believe their eyes when they glanced at their baby monitor and noticed their golf-mad two-year-old had climbed out of his crib to work on his swing.


Wes Koelliker has loved golf since he was one, his father, John, 30, from Utah, said, as he has always opted for golf highlights on YouTube over movies and other kids’ activities.

That interest then evolved into a love of playing the game, with Wes heading to the driving range two to four times a week.

But on the night of June 25, Wes decided to take his golf practice in-house.

Having put Wes in his crib, John and his wife, Karli, 31, later heard the sounds of balls bouncing off the walls.

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When they turned on Wes’ monitor, they noticed the two year old had left his crib and was smashing golf balls around his darkened room.

The couple found this hilarious, watching their son for 15 to 20 minutes before he climbed back into bed on his own.

John later shared the video on social media, where golf fans praised Wes’ passion for the game.

John said: “We had put him in his crib, but heard balls bouncing off the walls and instead of going in there we just turned on the monitor and watched him play.


“He played for, like, 15 to 20 minutes and then crawled back in bed.

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“Honestly, it’s pretty par for the course.

“Wes is obsessed.

“So when we saw it we just laughed and said of course that’s what he’s doing.


“We’ve printed off a big map of golf courses in Utah that we plan to visit.

“He’s been wanting to go on a golf trip because he sees me going on the occasional golf trip with my friends.

“I have three sons, which is my foursome, and we plan to play a lot of golf together throughout our lives.”


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