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Kids “New Dentist” Turns out to Be Returning Military Dad

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A 12-year-old boy was stunned when his ‘new dentist’ removed his mask and turned out to be his military dad, who had been deployed in Iraq for the past 10 months.


Aidan Coffman initially had no idea that his father, Matthew, was beneath a surgical mask, posing as his dentist.

But when the realization hit, Aidan immediately headed over to his father for an emotional hug, fighting back tears of joy.

The moment took place on October 6 at Plaza Boulevard Dental in Madison, Alabama.

Matthew, 34, left for his deployment in Iraq on December 3, 2021 – his second as a staff sergeant with the Tennessee Army National Guard – and because Aidan was too young to remember his father’s first deployment, this one hit him hard.

Initially, Matthew was not supposed to return home until December 2022, but when he got the news he could come home early, he started thinking of ways to surprise his son.


Because dental appointments are difficult to change, Aidan’s mom, Whitney Williams, 31, spoke to the dental office to see if they could help with the surprise.

As Aidan headed in for his check-up, he was told that he would be meeting a new dentist today, and as he lay back in the chair, Whitney took out her phone and started recording.

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Whitney said: “Aidan’s eyes filled up and with everyone watching, he tried his hardest to hold it back.


“It was a beautiful moment to witness, especially as a mother, to see them, Matthew is a great father and they have a special bond no one can change – for both of them, it was the highlight of their year.

“Friends and family have constantly brought the video up since I posted it, saying how happy they were for the two of them and how they cried watching it.”

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