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Dog Who Spent First Seven Years of Life in Apartment Does Happy Zoomies When Surprised With First-Ever Backyard

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A tiny dog who spent the first seven years of his life living in a one-bedroom apartment couldn’t contain his excitement when his owners surprised him with his first-ever backyard. 


For 14 years, Ana and Luis Aguilar were based in an apartment in Santa Ana, California, where they also welcomed their baby daughter, Emily, and Chihuahua-mix, Oreo. 

During that time, Ana said Oreo was used to nothing more than a small, one-bedroom apartment with “no space and no backyard.”

But earlier this year, the couple made the decision to leave their jobs, family, and friends and move to Bakersfield, where they felt they could buy a bigger home within their budget. 

Having secured a new abode, Ana, 35, and Luis, 34, could not wait to show Oreo his new home. 

As the tiny pooch approached the new-build home on April 27, he could not contain his excitement as Ana encouraged him to go inside.


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Then, having made his way through the house, Oreo was captured on video exploring his new backyard – something he had never experienced in his first seven years. 

Ana said: “We were living in Santa Ana, in an apartment for 14 years, and we decided to leave our jobs, family and friends to move to Bakersfield because it is more affordable to buy a house there. 

“We adopted Oreo when he was a puppy, and all his life was in a one-bedroom apartment with no space and no backyard.


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“Since we moved, he now has a lot of space to run and play, and he is so much happier now. 

“I was so emotional, seeing him so happy and curious. 

“We felt blessed that, finally, we were able to give him the space and backyard we always dreamed of.” 

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