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Dog Looking for Forever Home Gets Uplifting Surprise When DNA Test Reunites Him With His Sister for Play Date

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A dog who has been in foster care for more than a year searching for a forever home was given a big lift when chance DNA test results reunited him with his sister for a surprise playdate.


In the sweet footage, Vardis immediately recognizes the pooch at the end of his drive, pulling at his leash with excitement before the pair reunite once more, wagging their tails and leaping on one other.

Vardis is believed to have been separated from his sister and litter mate, Brunch, more than a year ago, as she found her forever home last Thanksgiving.

Vardis’ first foster family was curious about his breed, so they carried out a DNA test through Embark, a dog DNA testing company, which revealed he had golden retriever heritage, despite his black fur.

Fast forward, and as staff at One Tail At A Time from Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) were preparing a celebration for Vardis’ one-year foster care anniversary, they received an email from Brunch’s adoptive parents, saying they thought the pair could be a DNA match.

Brunch lives in Chicago, too, and when it was revealed that she had also spent time at CACC, the link made sense.


The owners couldn’t resist planning a play date for the pair.

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Vardis’ foster mom Jessica Jones later shared a video of his uplifting reunion, hoping such footage would encourage someone to adopt Vardis.

Jessica said: “Vardis’ progress has been unbelievable – our bouncy boy is now a happy, easygoing gentleman who greets new friends politely, loves his toys, and has a whole arsenal of cues in his roster.


“And yet, he’s still waiting for a home. The truth is, big, black dogs just take longer to find their family – in a sea of flashy colors, small sizes, and floofy tails, plain black dogs just get passed over.”

For information on how to adopt Vardis, please contact:

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