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Daughter Surprises Dementia-Battling Dad With News He’s Going to Be a Grandpa

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A loving daughter has shared the wholesome moment she surprised her dementia-battling dad with the news he’s set to become a grandpa for the first time.

Kelley Martinez, 26, from Southern California, said she and her husband David, 32, were determined to have children soon after their wedding, so that her father, Patrick, 72, could enjoy them before his condition worsens.

Having received a positive pregnancy result, Kelley decided she would surprise her father by presenting him with a t-shirt that read, “This guy is going to be a grandpa.”

On July 2, at Patrick’s care facility outside Portland, Oregon, Kelley handed Patrick a gift bag and told him that she had a present for him.

Patrick first opened the card, in which his daughter had written: “Congratulations on your new role. Open the gift for more information…”

Patrick reacts to the great news. ©Kelley Martinez / T&T Creative Media
Patrick poses in his new t-shirt (left) and Kelley with her husband (right). ©Kelley Martinez / T&T Creative Media

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Due to Patrick’s condition, he then got distracted, which, Kelley said, added to the suspense.

When she saw her father’s reaction to the gift, though, the 26-year-old instantly became emotional.

Patrick was diagnosed with dementia three years ago, Kelly said, and because his condition is still in the early stages, he can still understand the environment around him.


Over the days and weeks following the surprise, Kelley and Patrick have video chatted about the baby’s gender, name and nursery plans.

Kelley, who is due to have a baby girl on January 8, said: “Seeing my dad’s reaction, I felt extremely happy, content and, of course, emotional.

Kelley and Patrick. ©Kelley Martinez / T&T Creative Media

“My husband and I wanted to have kids shortly after the wedding due to his health condition and age, so it was surreal and exciting to be able to tell him he’s going to be a grandpa and for him to fully comprehend what it means.

“We were all filled with a lot of joy.

“Many of my friends and family have responded and shared kind words and thoughts towards the video of the moment, and I have received a lot of support from loved ones.


“The message I hope others take from this story is to always celebrate with others, regardless of one’s medical or mental condition.”


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