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Bridesmaid Delivers Emotional Speech with Childhood Letter at Wedding

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This is the heartfelt moment a bestie of almost 20 years delivers a tearjerking bridesmaid speech sharing a letter the bride wrote to her 17 years ago.


Bride Monica Esperanza Trigueros López and friend Iremi Roberta Lopez Rojas met in kindergarten, but their friendship really blossomed in elementary school.

Over the years, they always wrote letters to each other for birthdays, Valentine’s, or any other important day for each other, with Monica losing count of how many letters and cards they wrote to each other.

At 12 years old, they wrote and signed a contract sealing the rules of their friendship, which they still abide by and enforce.

To this day, the pair have kept a “box of secrets” with diaries, notes, photos, and countless memories, as well as all the letters they received from colleagues, friends, and boyfriends.

But Monica and husband Luis Angel Macias Rodriguez had no idea Iremi was going to dip into the memory box for her speech at their wedding on October 15, 2022, in Tepic, Mexico.


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As Iremi began her speech in front of the couple’s loved ones, she recalled a 2005 letter from Monica where she asked her not to forget about her and how she wanted to be “friends forever”.

During the now-viral speech, Monica teared up as her friend talked about their friendship and everything they lived through to reach that special moment – before confirming ‘forever’ does exist.

Monica said: “We always wrote letters to each other; I really don’t know how many letters and cards we wrote to each other over the years, as all this was before social networks existed.


“We have a “box of secrets” kept in her house, with diaries, notes, photos, and countless things where we write our memories, and we keep all the letters we receive from colleagues, friends, and boyfriends.

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“I knew she still had many things, but I did not imagine she would use her speech.

“I cried, and I still cry every time I see her. It was like watching a movie in my head of everything I’ve lived by her side, all the times we laughed and cried together.

“I really feel proud to be fulfilling everything I promised her in that letter and to see how those little girls are still together now at 29 years old, valuing and caring for the friendship they promised each other.”


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