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Military Mom Fails To Spot Marine Son Sat Next To Her After Returning From Deployment

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A mom got a huge shock when she took her seat at a family wedding and realized she was sitting next to her Marine son who had returned home to surprise her.


Trina Gable, 52, from White House, Tennessee, had no idea her son, Landon, a corporal with the United States Marines, had planned to return home on May 18.

For the previous six months, Landon had been stationed in Twentynine Palms, California, but when he got the news he was able to return home, the 22-year-old decided to plan a big surprise for his mom.

A cousin’s wedding in Dunlap, Tennessee, provided the perfect opportunity for that surprise, and so, when Trina went to take her seat, she was encouraged to head to a certain row.

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Standing in front of her seat, Trina hugged and chatted to those in front before turning around and seeing a familiar face sitting next to her.


A sweet smile immediately came across Trina’s face before she gave her son a long-awaited hug.

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During his four years of service, Landon has been stationed as far as Japan, Australia, South Korea and Guam.

Speaking of the surprise, Landon’s sister Loren, 32, who captured the moment on video, said: ” I was excited to see Mom reunite with Landon because he’d been telling her he was still in California.


“We loved being able to trick her together.”

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