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Dad Gets Surprised With Truck by Daughter After Putting Kids First

A hard-working immigrant father who drove a banged-up old car without a roof was surprised with the truck by his daughter.

Determined Immigrant Dad Surprises Wife With Tesla on 43rd Anniversary

A hard-working immigrant dad who arrived in the U.S. with just $100 surprised his wife with a Tesla on their 43rd wedding anniversary.

Hardworking Son Missed out on Dream Car, but Mom Secretly Snagged It for Him

A hard-working son who thought he'd lost out on a car he had been saving to buy was brought to tears when his mom surprised him with the vehicle.

Family Secretly Pools Money, Gifts Grandma New Car

A family pranked their grandma by wrapping up items around her home as her Christmas gift before surprising her with her real present - the keys to a new car.

Teen Who Wanted a VW Beetle Since Driving Barbie Around in One as a...

A teen who dreamed of owning a Volkswagen Beetle since she was a few years old fell to the ground sobbing in shock when her garage door opened and she was surprised with her dream car.

Father Reduced to Tears After Family Surprises Him With Dream Car From His Youth

An entire family was reduced to tears when their father was surprised with his dream car from his youth, which he owned more than 50 years ago but was later stolen. The...

Family Surprises Dad With Dream Corvette After 50 Years of Dreaming

Lynn Raynor, 74, from Hampstead, North Carolina, had always dreamed of owning a 1966 Corvette Stingray. His family surprised him with the car after he had been dreaming of it for 50 years. Lynn was so happy that he cried tears of joy.

Family Surprises Wheelchair-Bound Mom With New Van for Birthday

Annette Rivers, 63, had been in need of a new van for some time, as her old one was no longer able to accommodate her wheelchair. Her family surprised her with a new one on her birthday, leaving Annette speechless.
father and son reunite after 15 years

Dad Stops Someone “Stealing” His Truck, Discovers Son He’s Not Seen in 10 Years

Tony "Tone" Yates Jr. surprised his dad, Tony "Ace" Yates, after more than a decade and a half apart. Ace thought his truck was being stolen, but when he turned around, he saw his son sitting in the driver's seat. The two hugged and Ace fought back tears at being with his son once more.

Son “Steals” Mom’s Vintage Car and Replaces It With a Fake While He Restores...

A son “stole” his mom’s vintage car, replaced it with a fake - and then lovingly restored it as a surprise on her birthday.
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