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Hiker Takes Girlfriend on Romantic Sunrise Trek, Pops the Question Above the Clouds

A photographer and his client planned an incredible surprise proposal shoot like no other above the clouds in Banff National Park.

Son Surprises Mom With Barbie She Was Never Able to Afford During Childhood

A son emotionally surprised his mom with a Barbie doll, something she had always wanted as a child but her family could never afford.

Nine-Year-Old Girl Freezes in Shock as She Is Surprised by Biological Brother She’d Never...

Nevaeh, a nine-year-old girl from Barrie, Ontario, Canada, was surprised by her biological brother, Taigen, 12, whom she had never met. The pair share the same biological father, but Taigen grew up 1,700 miles away with no contact with him. When he found out about his younger sister, Nevaeh's mom, Mel, 41, and Taigen's mom Alana, 32, set to work setting up a surprise meeting.

Moose Calf Reunited With Mother After Being Rescued by Kindhearted Pair

Sandy Irwin and friend Lee Cockrum risked their safety to rescue a moose calf trapped in barbed wire. The calf's leg was badly injured, but the pair managed to set it free and reunite it with its mother.

Musician Goes Viral Causing Daycare Kids To Bounce With Excitement While Dancing Across The...

A touring musician has gone viral after dancing across the street from a day care while out on a walk, causing the children inside to jump and smile with joy.
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