Good NewsPetsSweet Momma Dog Keeps Stealing Stuffed Toy to Comfort Newborn Puppies

Sweet Momma Dog Keeps Stealing Stuffed Toy to Comfort Newborn Puppies

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A caring momma dog has warmed hearts online after her owner showed how she kept finding a cuddly rabbit around the house to bring back to her bed to comfort her 13 newborn puppies.


Owner Kate McNeil was initially confused as to why the soft rabbit toy was in amongst her dog Koda’s newborn pups, as it usually sits on a desk in her spare room.

After returning the rabbit to its usual place, Kate later found the toy amongst the pups again and again, leading her to realize Koda must have been bringing the toy to comfort her babies.

As Koda—who is three-quarters Bernese Mountain dog and one–quarter Great Pyrenees—continued to do this, Kate captured the affectionate mom on video before letting the pups keep the toy.

Kate, from Saskatchewan, Canada, who shared the moment on February 18, said: “Koda took the rabbit off a desk in the spare bedroom, so I wasn’t sure at first how it got in with her babies.

©Kate McNeil / T&T Creative Media
©Kate McNeil / T&T Creative Media

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“I put it back and found it in there again – I then took it out and she just kept bringing it back, so I decided to let her keep it as the babies love it.

“People seem to love the video; it shows how every mother knows how best to care for her babies.”

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