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Teen With Cerebral Palsy Scores Basket on Senior Night

A teen with cerebral palsy got called onto the court on senior night to sink a basket - drawing a massive roar from the crowd.

Dad’s Epic Reaction to Daughter Scoring Her First-Ever Basket Goes Viral

A dad's epic reaction to his daughter scoring her first-ever basket after hours of practice has gone viral.

Teenage Basketball Player Given Emotional Birthday Surprise When Military Mom Returns From Deployment to...

A teenager was given a sweet birthday gift during her high school basketball game when her mom returned from a nine-month deployment in the Middle East to surprise her – and then gifted her a car for her birthday.

Teenager Freezes in Shock When She Notices Father in Bleachers Has Travelled 15 Hours...

A teenage basketball player froze stiff when she noticed courtside her father had travelled 15 hours to surprise her for her birthday and watch her play.

New Mom Basketball Coach Didn’t Want To Pass Up Dream Job… So Head Coach...

A basketball coach fearful she may pass up her dream job after having a baby was blown away when the school suggested she bring him with her.

Teen Thinks He’s In Trouble For Playing Basketball Too Loudly Without A Hoop Gets...

A basketball-loving teen fearing a knock on his door was his neighbors complaining he was making too much noise while shooting at a tree was stunned when they surprised him with a new hoop.
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