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College Baseball Players Surprise Coach’s Daughter by Showing Up at Her Recital

A whole baseball team showed up to support their coaches daughter's dance recital in a heartwarming gesture that has since gone viral.

Dodgers Fan Bride Surprises Father With Emotional Rendition of 7th Inning Stretch at Wedding

A bride surprised her father with a unique twist on the traditional father-daughter dance at her wedding. Instead of dancing, the bride and her father sang the 7th inning stretch from a Dodgers game, a tradition they shared when she was growing up. The video of the moment has gone viral, with people from all over the world praising the couple for their creativity and love for each other.

Softball Team Think They Are Lining Up for Team Photo, Only for Coach to...

A softball coach convinced her team they were having a squad photo taken – only to surprise them with news she is pregnant capturing their reactions on video.

Five-year-old Little Leaguer Goes Viral as He Puts Down Bat to Bust Out Dance...

A five-year-old Little Leaguer has gone viral after he decided to bust a series of dance moves to his walkout song.
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