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College Baseball Players Surprise Coach’s Daughter by Showing Up at Her Recital

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A baseball team that treats their coach’s eight-year-old daughter like their “sister” gave her a loving show of support by turning up en masse at her dance recital.


In total, all 46 players from coach Frank Avilla’s team at Lassen Community College turned up to support his daughter Peach at her annual dance recital in Susanville, California.

Once there, a handful entered the show with Frank while the rest of the team stood outside and watched through a window so members of other families could sit inside.

According to Peach’s mom, Terra, the team has become like family to her daughter, who attends all their games and practices.

None of the team, except one member, is from the local area, so the baseball team has become somewhat of a family to them, Terra added.

The group had gone viral in the past when Peach was nervous about a singing performance due to having Marcus Gunn Jaw Winking Syndrome, so they sat in the audience to help her through it.


The dance recital took place on December 3, and Terra later shared clips on social media, where the post received millions of views.

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She said: “Watching these young men spend their Saturday night supporting my daughter and spending time with our family is the most heartwarming experience.

“These boys really do love her and she really does love them.


“They only play for her daddy for such a brief time in their life, but they are making the best childhood memories for my daughter, and for that, I can never repay them.

“It makes me feel so grateful that she has this much support but also so proud of them because they are just kind men, and every little dancer at her recital, I’m sure, was happy to have them there.”

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