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Girl Who Dreamed Of Having Stepfather’s Name At Graduation Gets Wish 

A teenager girl was brought to tears when her stepdad, the only father figure she has ever known in her life, surprised her with the paperwork to say she had officially been adopted after 11 years - just in time for her graduation.

“I’ve Waited 2555 Days For This Moment” – Girl Walks Up To Alter At...

A girl stepped up to the altar at her mom's wedding to surprise her stepfather with an emotional adoption request after 2555 days.
Christmas adult adoption

Loving Stepfather Who Has Cared For 19-year-old For 16 Years Surprises Her With Adult...

An unsuspecting woman whose step-father has looked after her for the majority of her life was stunned when she was surprised with a series of adult adoption papers on Christmas day.

Parents Who Experienced Infertility Issues Introduce Family And Friends To Newly Adopted Baby Via...

Parents who suffered infertility introduce their newly adopted baby to stunned family and friends in a series of incredible video calls.

Adopted Son Tracks Down Biological Mom After 40 Years For Emotional Reunion

An adopted man cried in his birth mother's arms as he was finally reunited with her for the first time after searching for almost 40 years.

Teen Asks Stepdad To Adopt Her With Cheerleading Routine

A cheerleader surprised her stepdad by ending her team's cheer routine holding a sign asking him to adopt her officially.

Adopted Siblings Finally Meet For the First Time After 10 Year Search And Pandemic...

A pair of adopted biological siblings cried in each other’s arms when they were finally able to meet in person for the very first time – a moment 30 years and one pandemic in the making.

Man Surprises Stepchildren With Adoption Request At Wedding

An emotional groom picked up not only a wife but two new daughters – as he surprised his wife's children with an adoption request.

Family In 30s Surprise Stepdad On FaceTime Asking Him To Read Letter Leading To...

This is the emotional moment a family in their 30s surprised their stepdad on FaceTime by asking him to read a heartwarming letter leading to an adult adoption request.

Teen Asks Youth Sports Coach Who Took Her Into Foster Care To Adopt Her

A teen gave her former sports coach and foster father a birthday surprise of a lifetime when he removed a blindfold and discovered a loving adoption request.