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Stepdaughter Surprises Stepdad With Adoption Request During Quinceanera Speech

A proud stepdad fought back tears before making his way across the dance floor to hug his stepdaughter when she gave a speech at her quinceanera, asking him to adopt her and to take his name.

Beloved Stepdad Fights Back Tears When He’s Surprised With Heartfelt Note and Adoption Papers...

A beloved stepdad could not hold back his tears when his 15-year-old stepdaughter presented him with a heartfelt note to express what he means to her, as well as pre-prepared adoption...

Adopted Sisters Reunite After 55 Years in Tearful Embrace

Rita Smith and Lisa Wolf were adopted as babies and grew up just two hours apart, but they didn't meet until 55 years later. The sisters were reunited in June 2022 after Rita's daughter Taya Somes helped them find each other on Facebook. The moment they met was captured on video, and the sisters were both visibly emotional.

Stepdad Can’t Hold Back Joyous Tears When Siblings Reveal Cardboard Sign Asking if He...

A stepdad covered his face in shock and cried tears of joy when his two stepkids revealed a cardboard sign to ask if he would adopt them. Tyler McRoy, 28, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, has been in the lives of his stepkids – Jasmin, 7, and Jake, 5 – since they were just one and three years old. But they had a special surprise in store for him.

Son Surprises Biological Dad With Letter Adopting His Surname

A dad who had always had a different name from his biological son cried tears of joy when the 14-year-old finally asked if he could share his name. For Martin White, 31, it was a dream come true.

Teen Uses Viral Card Game to Ask Stepdad to Adopt Her

Teen uses viral card game to ask stepdad to adopt him in heartwarming surprise. See how he responded.

Mom Reunited With Son After 40 Years in Heartwarming Surprise

Brenda, a mom from Minnesota, was left in complete shock when her son, Ben, walked into her kitchen and introduced himself after 40 years. Ben was adopted by another family when he was a baby, and Brenda lost contact with him over the years. But her daughters, Amanda and Schauna, tracked him down and set up the emotional surprise.

Foster Parents Surprise Son With Adoption News and His Heartwarming Reaction Has Melted Hearts

Harvey, a six-year-old boy who was in care, was surprised by his foster parents with the news that they were adopting him. His reaction, which was captured on video, has since gone viral after Harvey jumped for joy saying, "I'm gonna stay here?" His reaction has touched the hearts of people all over the world.

Stepdad Cries Tears of Joy When Stepdaughter Asks to Adopt Him After 25 Years

Lea Atchinson, 30, surprised her stepdad Rickie Cotney, 47, with a heartwarming adoption request at her birthday celebration. Rickie has been a father figure to Lea since she was four years old, and she wanted to make him her official dad. Lea shared a video of the surprise online, which has since gone viral.

Toddler’s Surprising Reaction At Learning Mom Was Adopted Melts Hearts

A family's security camera captured the wholesome moment a three-year-old girl discovered her mom was adopted.
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