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Teen Asks Stepdad To Adopt Her With Cheerleading Routine

A cheerleader surprised her stepdad by ending her team's cheer routine holding a sign asking him to adopt her officially.

Adopted Siblings Finally Meet For the First Time After 10 Year Search And Pandemic...

A pair of adopted biological siblings cried in each other’s arms when they were finally able to meet in person for the very first time – a moment 30 years and one pandemic in the making.

Man Surprises Stepchildren With Adoption Request At Wedding

An emotional groom picked up not only a wife but two new daughters – as he surprised his wife's children with an adoption request.

Family In 30s Surprise Stepdad On FaceTime Asking Him To Read Letter Leading To...

This is the emotional moment a family in their 30s surprised their stepdad on FaceTime by asking him to read a heartwarming letter leading to an adult adoption request.

Teen Asks Youth Sports Coach Who Took Her Into Foster Care To Adopt Her

A teen gave her former sports coach and foster father a birthday surprise of a lifetime when he removed a blindfold and discovered a loving adoption request.

Stepdad Cries as Five-year-old Stepdaughter Surprises Him With Letter and Reveals T-shirt Asking if...

A caring stepdad received the birthday surprise of a lifetime as his five-year-old stepdaughter surprised him by revealing a t-shirt asking if she could take his last name. Michael Hodkinson, 24, had no idea the big surprise - which would include him legally adopting Maddalena Hodkinson - was coming, as he celebrated in a Pennsylvania restaurant.
A stepdad cries as he is surprised with adoption papers

Stepdad’s Tears Flow As He Reads Loving Adult Adoption Surprise Letter

A beloved stepdad can’t fight back his tears as he reads out a note from his stepson containing a loving adult adoption request.
Man cries after being surprised with adult adoption request

Adult Adoption Request Makes Man Cry Happy Tears

A man was brought to floods of happy tears as his stepchildren surprised him with an adult adoption request 18 years in the making.
Christmas adoption surprise reveal

Girl Surprised With Christmas Adoption By Family Who Took Her In During Hour Of...

A loving nurse who once provided a stranded teenager with a ride and place to stay for the night surprised her with adoption papers on Christmas Eve, having since taken her into her care.

Stepfather Brought To Tears When Stepdaughter Unzips Sweater To Reveal T-Shit Asking If He...

A stepfather was brought to tears when his stepdaughter unzipped her sweater and revealed a t-shirt that asked if he would adopt her.