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Proud Stepson Gives Affirmative ‘Yes’ When Judge Asks if He Would Like to Be Adopted by His Stepdad Who Has Been Father Figure All His Life

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A mom has shared the wholesome moment her proud son gave an affirmative “Yes” when a judge asked him if he would like to be adopted by his stepdad, who has been his father figure all his life.


Kaiden Duncan, 10, from Minnesota, has always had stepdad Phil in his life, as Phil and Kaiden’s mom, Michaela, have known each other since middle school.

Around the time Michaela became pregnant, she had moved towards a new crowd of people – including Phil – and the pair grew close, hanging out almost every day.

Michaela and Phil would call each other best friends until, one day, another couple told Michaela that Phil had feelings for her, and the two of them became an item.

Growing up, Kaiden didn’t know Phil was not his biological father until the couple decided to tell him when he was seven years old.

Kaiden said he wanted to be adopted by Phil, and so the family went through what they said was a very long process.


When it came to the day itself, when Kaiden would officially be adopted, Michaela wanted to shoot a video as a memory of the special day.

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The judge asked a smiling Kaiden, “Do you want the court to have him say he is legally your dad?” – to which the youngster gave a resounding, “Yes!”

Following that moment, the judge informed the family that everything was now official, which brought both Michaela and Phil to tears as they hugged Kaiden.


The moment took place on January 19, 2022, with Michaela recently sharing her recording online.

She said: “Kaiden didn’t know he had a biological dad until he was seven, when we decided to tell him.

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“We told him about adoption and asked if he’d want Phil to adopt him, and he immediately said yes.

“Phil coaches Kaiden in every sport he plays: football, basketball and baseball, and they are always bonding over that and eating late-night snacks at the table together.


“We went through the very long court process and paperwork of adoption and decided to film our final moment of making it official.

“I was brought to tears, as was Phil.

“I think it was relief and happiness of finally having it be real.”

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