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Stepdad Can’t Hold Back Joyous Tears When Siblings Reveal Cardboard Sign Asking if He...

A stepdad covered his face in shock and cried tears of joy when his two stepkids revealed a cardboard sign to ask if he would adopt them. Tyler McRoy, 28, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, has been in the lives of his stepkids – Jasmin, 7, and Jake, 5 – since they were just one and three years old. But they had a special surprise in store for him.

Teen Uses Viral Card Game to Ask Stepdad to Adopt Her

Teen uses viral card game to ask stepdad to adopt him in heartwarming surprise. See how he responded.

Stepdad Bawls Happy Tears as He Struggles to Read Aloud Adoption Request From Stepdaughter

A beloved stepdad could not make it through his gift without bawling happy tears - as he read aloud a sweet adoption request from his adult stepdaughter.

Stepdad Fights Back Tears as He Reaches the End of Photo Album Gift From...

A stepdad fought back tears as he turned to the last page of a photo album filled with memories of him and his stepdaughter to discover a heartfelt adoption request.

Marine Surprises Stepdaughters With Military-Themed Adoption Announcement

A Marine who has been a father figure in his stepdaughter's lives for almost a decade surprised them with a military-style adoption announcement.

Stepdaughter Asks Stepdad To Adopt Her On His Wedding Day

An emotional stepdad was brought to happy tears when his stepdaughter read out the exact number of days, hours, minutes and seconds he had been in her life, before asking him to adopt her at his wedding to her mom.
Former foster kid Davon finds his forever family

Former Foster Kid Emotionally Asks to Be Adopted by Family He Sold Car To

A man who grew up in the foster care system has shared a video of the emotional moment he asked if a family he once sold a car to would become his "forever family."

“I’ve Waited 2555 Days For This Moment” – Girl Walks Up To Alter At...

A girl stepped up to the altar at her mom's wedding to surprise her stepfather with an emotional adoption request after 2555 days.
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