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Who doesn’t love puppies and proposals? For one lucky dog lover, all her dreams came true when her thoughtful hubby-to-be gave her a double shock – surprising her with the puppy she’s always dreamed of wearing a collar asking ‘will you marry me?’

Mathew Harris had been dating Andrea Pavia for nine years and knew she had always wanted a dachshund but waited until they were in a house to combine proposing with a puppy.

Andrea was tagging Mathew in comments on a breeder’s Facebook page for months without realizing he had secretly organized bringing the puppy into their soon-to-be family.

Mathew recruited Andrea’s sister Carlie to help the day go off without a hitch, arranging for her to not only document the day but also pick up the puppy and bring him to the proposal spot.

He chose to propose at a lookout on Mount Keira in the Illawarra, Australia, the spot of one of their first dates, and arranged to meet Carlie with the puppy without Andrea knowing.


After arriving at the spot, Mathew popped back to the car park where he was given the puppy – which they’ve named Cino – by Carlie and went back to an unexpecting Andrea.

When he handed her Cino, Andrea already started tearing up, but it wasn’t until she spotted the collar she realized what was really happened and broke down as Mathew got on one knee.

Speaking of the puppy proposal, Andrea said: “We had spoken about getting married before but I had absolutely no idea about the puppy.

“He really wanted to keep it a surprise for me so he organized for the breeder to only message him during work hours where he knew I wouldn’t see any messages pop up on his phone.


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“I discovered a local breeder, South Coast Sausages, and constantly tagged Mathew in photos of their adorable litters.

“My dream color for the breed was chocolate, so when they announced they were having a chocolate litter, I tagged Mathew in almost every one of their photos.

“Little did I know he had secretly reached out to the breeder and secured one of the pups in that same litter I was tagging him in.”

Mathew and Andrea met in 2009 at the University of Wollongong and have been together since but Andrea admitted she still wasn’t expecting the proposal on Feb 24 2019.


She added: “Instantly I broke down in tears and couldn’t believe what was happening.

“It was one of the happiest moments of my life – not only did I get my dream dog but I also get to marry my best friend.

“I wasn’t surprised Mathew involved Carlie because he knows how close we are and that I would love for her to be involved in something like this.

“She is also incredibly good at keeping secrets and really good at planning.”

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