Boyfriend Surprises Scuba Diver Girlfriend With Surprise Underwater Proposal On His “first” Dive

It was his first ever scuba dive


This doting boyfriend left his scuba diver girlfriend completely shellshocked during what she believed was his first dive – pulling out a ring and proposing underwater.

In the beautiful footage, Hayley O’Brien can be seen getting increasingly flabbergasted as her boyfriend, Tim Collins, pulls back the pages on a laminated book, explaining his love for her before presenting her with a ring.

Tim Collins with Hayley O’Brien during a scuba dive off Nelson’s Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

What made the moment even more of a shock for Hayley, who was celebrating her 26th birthday that day, was that she believed this was Tim’s first-ever dive – but it was actually a plan long in the making.

As part of Hayley’s birthday celebrations, Tim, also 26, promised his girlfriend, a licensed scuba diver, that he undertake an introductory scuba course, in Nelson Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

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But little did Hayley know, three weeks earlier, Tim had practiced for his June 8 proposal elsewhere – meaning he could arrange for a videographer to capture the moment on the day of Hayley’s birthday.

Tim Collins proposes to Hayley O’Brien during a scuba dive off Nelson’s Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

Tim, who lives in Newcastle, two hours north of Sydney, said: “Hayley loves scuba diving and she’s always begged me to come with her. 

“I have a fear of sharks, so I’ve never been to keen on the idea. 

“I thought of the proposal idea about six months ago and decided to do it on her birthday.


“I was very confident she would say Yes, and I had already gotten her dad’s blessing two weeks beforehand. 

“We were both over the moon about how it all went. 

“Hayley had a massive smile 24-7 for about a week

“Most of our friends and families thought I had raised the bar for proposing, and both our mums started crying when we told them.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media