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Grandpa’s Heart Overflows With Joy as He’s Caught off Guard by His Grandson’s Surprise Visit

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A hard-working grandpa who hadn’t seen his beloved grandson in months after working almost 1000 hours of overtime this year fought back tears when he was surprised by the youngster.


Bob Dorris Jr., 58, from Shadyside, Ohio, is extremely close to his one-and-a-half-year-old grandson, Max, who he calls every single night.

According to family members, Bob has always been the hardest worker in the room – and due to this admirable attitude, it meant he hadn’t seen Max, who lives in Indianapolis, for a number of months.

Bob works as an electrician in a power plant, and after an outage in September, he was required to work 10- to 12-hour days, six or seven days a week, to help get the plant up and running again.

His daughter Alexa, Max’s mom, said in total, she estimates her dad has worked almost 1000 hours of overtime this year.

With Bob also running a photography business on his days off, Alexa and Max found it difficult to visit grandpa one-on-one.


But knowing Bob would be taking a well-earned break over Thanksgiving, Alexa decided to make the trip back home to Shadyside to surprise him.

On November 17, as Bob unloaded his groceries, Alexa and Max snuck into Bob’s garage, where the sight of his beloved grandson immediately made Bob well up.

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Fighting back tears, Bob then headed over to Max and Alexa for a long-awaited hug.


Alexa said: “There aren’t really words to describe watching your dad become a grandfather.

“It’s the best thing next to watching your husband become a father.

“My dad’s grandfathers were very influential in his life, and I know that’s all he wants to be for my son.

“I know my dad loves me and my son to the end of the world, and being able to surprise him made all the sneaking around very worth it.”

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