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Dad’s Heart Melts as He’s Surprised With New Puppy After Beloved Pet Pug Dies

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A dad left heartbroken at the passing of his beloved pet pug shrieks with joy as he is surprised with a new puppy.


Nelson Pinedo from Bogota, Colombia, was devastated when his 11-year-old pug Rita passed away, so his family decided to surprise him with a new puppy to love.

In the video, Nelson is watching television when his family arrives with a decorated basket that includes a bottle of whiskey he loves – but he doesn’t immediately spot the big, small surprise.

He then turns the basket around before laying eyes on the tiny pug and lets out a shriek of joy, picking the pug up and cuddling and kissing him.

Nelson already had a name for the pooch – Rigby Jose – as it was the name he planned to give the first puppy his belated dog would have had.

The video was captured by Linda Serrano, who said: “I spoke with Nelson’s wife, who called me and told me she was going to give it to him for Father’s Day.

Nelson with Jose Rigby
Jose Rigby climbs on Nelson. ©T&T Creative Media
Nelson with Jose Rigby
Nelson takes Jose Rigby for a ride. ©T&T Creative Media

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“We talked for a long time until we prepared everything to surprise him.

“The dog has made a great connection with Nelson. He is behind him all the time. It is an immense joy, they take him everywhere, and they bring him to me to see him whenever they can.

“Rigby Jose has such beautiful energy and Nelson is happy – Rigby makes him laugh every day.”


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