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Disney couple reunite

Disney Mad Couple Reunite In Magic Kingdom After 8 Months Apart When Fiancée Crosses...

A Disney loving couple, who had been apart for eight months, reunited inside Disney's Magic Kingdom - where they had got engaged.

Thrill-Seeker On Cloud Nine After Popping The Question At The End Of His First...

A man was on cloud nine after popping the question to his girlfriend as he landed from his very first skydive.

Detective Shot In Line Of Duty Stuns Girlfriend By Proposing As He’s Discharged From...

A police detective who was shot on duty decided to make his discharge from hospital extra special by proposing to his shocked girlfriend.

Man Told He May Never Walk Again Defies Odds To Walk Across Rehab Room...

A man told he may never walk again defied odds to walk across the room and get down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend who had been by his side throughout his recovery process.

Boyfriend Cleverly Manipulates Game Of Taboo So That His Girlfriend Guesses Four Special Words

A creative boyfriend left his girlfriend in stunned silence as he disguised his proposal as a birthday game of Taboo.
new home proposal

Woman Surprised With Proposal As She Enters New Home For First Time

A woman was left in complete shock as her boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed right as she entered her new home for the first time.

Boyfriend Turns Favorite Items Game Into Surprise Proposal

A boyfriend surprised his girlfriend during a ‘favorite items’ game by revealing an engagement ring during the “Something We Could Do Together” round.

Couple With Special Needs Emotionally Reunite After Two Years Apart…Before Boyfriend Comes Out With...

A couple with special needs reunited for the first time in two years after one moved across country - but the surprises didn't end there.
boat crash proposal

Woman Says “Yes” To Proposal Across Two Boats Before Accidentally Hitting Throttle Sending fiancé...

A couple’s engagement got off to a rocky start after the wife-to-be accidentally hit the throttle on her boat, causing it to crash and send her fiancé flying into the water as he proposed.
motorbike crash proposal

Avid Biker Enters First Motocross Race And Fakes Crash In Front Of Thousands Before...

An avid motorcycle rider devised a bold way to propose to his girlfriend, by signing up for his first-ever motorcross race and faking a crash so that she would immediately rush to his aid. Jeremy Durst, 30, from Miami, Florida, came up with the unique way of popping the question because it was a guaranteed way to make sure his girlfriend's family and friends would be in attendance, he said.