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Army Dad Marching 1200 Miles Barefoot Across East Coast To Help Save Daughter’s Life

A British Army Major is marching 1200 miles barefoot across the East Coast to raise money towards life-saving treatment for his daughter battling a rare genetic disease.

Marine Surprises Mom At Restaurant After Nine Months Away

A Marine crept up behind his mom and gave her a huge hug as he unexpectedly returned home from a nine-month deployment.

Son Returns From Deployment To Surprise ‘Best Friend’ Mom And Walk Her Down Aisle

A military son brought his "best friend" mom to tears on her wedding day after returning home from a nine-month deployment to surprise her before walking her down the aisle.

Navy Brother Surprises Sister Ahead Of Quinceañera After 1.5 Year Deployment

A girl couldn’t believe her eyes as she was reunited with her Navy brother at her football training by leaping into his arms.

Military Dad Surprises Kids By Appearing From Behind Fire Engine During Homecoming Parade

A military dad appears from behind a fire engine during a homecoming parade to surprise his unsuspecting kids after returning home from a four-month deployment.

USAF Veteran’s Wife Secretly Plans Multiple Reunions For Him And His Reactions Are Awesome

A stunned Air Force veteran jumps out of his seat screaming in shock as he’s surprised by one of his military best friends who he hadn’t seen in 15 years.

Airman Reunites With Hospital Working Mom After Longest Time Apart

A healthcare worker mom emotionally runs and jumps into her airman daughter’s arms who’d returned home from deployment after the longest the pair had been apart.

Soldier Surprises Girlfriend With Proposal After Return From Deployment

A soldier returning to home soil after a nine-month deployment surprised his girlfriend by dropping to one knee and proposing with the help of fellow troops.

Dog Mom Worried Her Husky Puppy Would Forget Her While On Deployment Greeted With...

An adorable husky who was just a puppy when his military mom was deployed overseas can’t stop wagging his tail and jumping for joy as the pair are finally reunited after nine months.
Navy brother surprises sibling during football huddle

Navy Brother Surprises Sibling During Football Huddle

A 12-year-old burst from his middle school football team's huddle when he noticed a familiar figure heading across the field to surprise him.