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Marine surprising his mom

Military Mom Surprised By Marine Son As She Unwraps His Present To Her

A military mom screamed in shock and almost fainted, as she opened a gift to discover a U.S. Marine Corps hat, which she suddenly realized could only mean one thing.

Kids Discover Duffel Bag Belonging To Military Dad Before He Suddenly Appears To Reunite...

A group of siblings suddenly burst into happy tears when they realized a military duffel bag sitting outside their home could mean only one thing - their dad was home for good following a year-long deployment.

Mom Left Screaming In Restaurant After She’s Surprised By Military Son Back From 10...

A single mom was left screaming in shock in a restaurant as she was surprised by her military son returning from a 10 month deployment abroad.

Dog Can’t Hide Its Excitement As Military-Serving Owner Returns From Deployment Just In Time...

An excitable Labrador could not hide her delight, as her military mom returned from deployment just in time for the holiday season.
huge birthday parade

Former Marine Fighting Brain Cancer Surprised With Never-Ending Parade Of Cars

A former Marine undergoing brain cancer treatment welled up as a 100+ car parade gave him a drive-by birthday party.
military stepdad adoption

Military Stepdad Brought To Tears When Stepkids Surprise Him With Adoption Request Hidden In...

A military stepdad was surprised with a book containing memories from his stepchildren – only for him to turn the page and see a loving adoption request.

Military Dad Who Missed Son’s High School Football Games Surprises Him On Senior Night

A military dad who missed his son’s high school football career through service pulled off a huge surprise when he finally made it to one of his games in his final season.
car trunk military surprise

Kids Open Trunk To Discover Military Dad Who Had Been On Deployment For Over...

A military father gave his young family the surprise of their lives when they opened the trunk of their vehicle to see him lying in their having returned from deployment early.
birthday surprise military reunion

Girl Whose Birthday Wish Was For Military Dad To Return From Middle East Deployment...

A girl made a birthday wish for her military father to return home from deployment - only to turn around and see him standing next to her.

Former Marine Adopts Dog Who Helped Protect Him And Others From Bombs In Afghanistan

A dog who served in Afghanistan has been given a loving retirement in the United States after she was adopted by the Marine who served more than 300 combat missions with her.