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Police Detective Surprise Girlfriend With Surprise on Stage Proposal as She Graduates From Police...

A police academy graduate was proposed to by her detective boyfriend as she crossed the stage at her graduation.

Couple Reveals Pregnancy to Parents With Ultrasounds Inside Diploma Covers

Adrianna and Colby Cabatu, who were both graduating with MBAs from Louisiana State University in Shreveport, decided to use their graduation ceremony to surprise their parents with the news that they were expecting their first child. They hid ultrasound photos inside their diploma covers, and when their parents opened them, they were overjoyed.

First-Generation Graduate Places Cap and Gown on Parents to Thank Them for Their Sacrifices

A first-generation college graduate celebrated with her proud parents by emotionally placing her cap and gown on them.

Boy Bursts Into Tears When He Sees Long-Distance Dad at Graduation

A  boy struggled to hold back tears when he was surprised by his father - who traveled 2000 miles to be there - at his fifth-grade graduation.

Act of Kindness Goes Viral as Boy Returns Cap to Friend in Wheelchair

A video of a boy returning a fellow student's cap in a wheelchair has gone viral, touching the hearts of people worldwide. The video shows Max Carrillo, 18, frantically searching for the cap of his friend Kai Corral, 18, who is in a wheelchair. After finding the cap, Max runs over to Kai and hands it back to her. The two friends then celebrate together.

Proud Immigrant Mom Wells up When Daughter Shows Her Loving Thank You Message on...

Dailys Suraste, 30, wanted to give her mom, Marilin Martinez, a special tribute when she graduated from Florida International University. She wrote a message on her cap in Spanish that translated to, "For my mom, who arrived with nothing and gave me everything."

Son’s Late Father’s Marine Platoon Surprises Him at Boot Camp Graduation, Fulfilling His Dying...

Jacob Enderle's father, Brian, passed away from cancer just a month before his son's graduation. But Brian's Marine platoon surprised Jacob at his graduation, fulfilling his father's dying wish to be there for his son's big day.

Soldier Dad and Daughter Share Hug When He Returns From Deployment to Be There...

Texas girl who thought her soldier dad would miss her graduation was stunned when he returned from deployment to surprise her. Madison Maldonado, 17, had been feeling down about the fact that her father, Ricardo, 39, wouldn’t be able to attend her big day. But thanks to a surprise plan by her family, Ricardo was able to make it home just in time to see his daughter graduate.

Sisters Secretly Bring Father to Son’s Graduation in Heartwarming Surprise

Jovencio Daguio Jr., 21, was devastated when he learned that his father would not be able to attend his graduation from the University of Illinois. However, his sisters had other plans. They secretly bought their father a flight to the United States, and, the day before Jovencio Jr.'s graduation, snuck him into the house. The moment Jovencio Jr. saw his father, he immediately started sobbing. The two were then reunited in a long-awaited hug.

Proud Dad Fights Back Tears of Joy as Son Graduates From Military School

Yusuf Muhammad, 59, was overcome with emotion as he hugged his son, Khalid, following his graduation from the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia. Khalid has always been interested in military service, and his father was proud to see him achieve his dream.
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