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Police Detective Surprise Girlfriend With Surprise on Stage Proposal as She Graduates From Police Academy to Become a Cop Herself

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A police academy graduate was met with another life milestone as she crossed the stage at her graduation – when her cop boyfriend suddenly appeared, got down on one knee, and surprised her with a proposal.


Stephanie Martinez had no idea her boyfriend Christopher Porter was sneaking up behind her as she crossed the stage during the Cleveland Police Department’s 150th academy class.

After Stephanie received her honors to say she was now officially a police officer, the academy commander later called Stephanie to come back to the stage one more time for “special recognition.”

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A confused Stephanie walked across the stage, where the commander kept talking to her as a distraction, while Christopher snuck up behind her, ready for the big surprise.

Then, after Stephanie had turned around to see her boyfriend, Christopher got down on one knee to pop the question, to which Stephanie gave an enthusiastic and tearful, “Yes!”

Christopher, 38, is a detective in the employee’s assistant unit for the Cleveland Police Department, Ohio, while Stephanie, 22, is now a patrol officer.


The moment took place on August 15, 2022, at Public Hall in Cleveland, and after the police department shared the footage, Chris and Stephanie were met with a flood of well-wishes.

The couple are now planning a destination wedding in Punta Cana in February or March 2024, and are intending to honeymoon in Germany in 2025.

Speaking of the proposal, Stephanie said: “Chris wanted to make a special engagement that everyone we knew would remember forever. 

“As I got onto the stage, the commander kept talking to distract me, and then I heard footsteps behind me and the crowd saying, ‘Awwww,’ and yelling.

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“As I turned around, I saw Chris on one knee and the ring in is hand, and I began to cry.

“I turned back around because I was in disbelief. 

“Chris kept telling me, ‘You have to turn around,’ and then I turned around and said, ‘Yes.’

“I was super excited, and still am!”

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