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Young Author’s Dream Comes True When His Mom Secretly Publishes His Book and Surprises...

A 10-year-old aspiring author received the gift of a lifetime when his mom surprised him with his very own published children's book.

Boy Born With Disabilities Joyfully Reacts to Mom’s Book About Him

A boy born with disabilities couldn’t hide his joy when his mom opened a box to reveal she had written a book about him. When Toni Gardner, 45, opened the box, her...
Rebecca reads the book as she descends from 13,000ft during the skydive

Third-Grade Teacher Reads Book to New Class While Skydiving

Rebecca Muir, a third-grade teacher in Virginia, wanted to do something unique to welcome her new class this year. So she decided to skydive 13,000 feet while reading a book to them. The video of her skydiving and reading went viral, and her students are sure never to forget their first day of school.
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