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Kind-Hearted Canadian Helps Bird Frozen to Ground Take Flight Again

A kind-hearted man has captured the moment he helped free a bird that was completely frozen to the ground.
The lorikeet resting on Chanel's head (left) and with her grandfather at his new home (right).

Woman Gifts Lonely Grandfather Rainbow Lorikeet – His Late Wife’s Favorite Bird – After...

Chanel Esposito was walking to the gym when a rainbow lorikeet landed on her head. She took the bird home and tried to find its owner, but had no luck. She eventually gifted the bird to her grandfather, who had been feeling lonely since his wife passed away.
dove drone rescue

Videographer Sacrifices $1,600 Drone to Save Dove Trapped in Fishing Wire

A videographer in New York sacrificed his $1,600 drone to rescue a dove trapped in fishing wire. Devin Groody was on a photoshoot when he saw the bird, which was hanging upside down from a tree branch. He used his drone to knock the bird loose, but the drone was damaged in the process. Groody said he was happy to help the dove, even if it meant losing his drone.
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