Parents Surprise Daughter With Book Revealing New Baby Sibling

She had wanted a baby sibling for so long, she began writing to Santa to ask for when!


An eight-year-old girl who had asked for a baby sibling on her Christmas list every year was surprised with an early present – a book revealing she was about to become a big sister.

Ari had been begging her parents for a little sister, but despite trying for the past eight-years had no success.

So, when Ari’s parents Scott and Amy Wangler discovered they had fallen pregnant with their second child, they just knew they had to do something special to break the news to their first born.

The couple hatched upon a plan to craft a small book – penned as if from the newborn – which reveals the huge news.

Then during a family outing to a Red Lobster chain, they presented Ari with the presents.


As she reads the book, which reads: “To my favorite person on Earth. Today is a very special and amazing day.

“Because I get to announce that I’m on the way to meet a big sister.

“Who will teach me to have fun and play. A few more months to the day.

‘November, December, January, march and then April is when I will get to meet my best friend. 

“I love you already sister.”


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As Ari reads the final words, she bursts into tears of joy before embracing her mom.

As well as the book revealing the big surprise, Scott and Amy also got Ari some early Christmas gifts from her soon-to-be sibling including a pendant reading ‘Big Sis’ and a framed photo of the baby scan, which the pair had just received earlier that week.

Scott, from Selah, Washington, USA, said: “We had been trying to have a baby for the last eight years without any luck.

“Ari has been so eager for a sibling she took to writing for a sibling on her Xmas list the past few years.


“So, when we found out we finally got pregnant, we were as excited to tell Ari as we were the news.

“My wife Amy and I did lots of thinking about how we would tell Ari the big news, to make sure it was truly memorable.

“We went as a family to Red Lobster for all you can eat shrimp and she had no clue was about to happen, and the changes to our lives that lay ahead.

“When we revealed it, she was so happy – it was a great family moment.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media