Girl Surprises Color Blind Boyfriend With Special Glasses Revealing Promposal Using Color Perception Test Board

He couldn't believe his eyes


A creative girl surprised her color blind boyfriend with EnChroma glasses to ‘prompose’ to him using a color perception test poster board.

Aspiring vlogger Cameron Tucker, from Louisville, Kentucky, spent time researching what kind of glasses to use for boyfriend Louis Yang’s type of color blindness and how they would affect what he sees.

She also spent time figuring out how to create the poster board and a “colorblind message” before settling on using the individual dots from the Ishihara test – a color perception test for red-green color deficiencies.

With help from friends Graham, Brooke and Carson, Cameron was able to set everything up without Louis expecting it and borrowed EnChroma glasses from Carson who is also colorblind.

After finishing the poster board, she walks outside carrying it and shows it to Louis who looks confusingly at the sign trying to work out what it reads.


Cameron then hands him the glasses and a few moments after putting them on they begin working and he can see the word ‘PROM?’ on the board.

Cameron, who uploads video content to her YouTube channel, said: “It was really amazing to hear him say ‘is this purple?’ because his entire life he’s only seen purple as blue.

“Being able to watch him as his view of the world expanded like that was really awesome. No one could stop smiling as we watched him explore everything.

“Louis thought it was a really amazing idea. He was really grateful that he got to experience it and loved being able to see things differently.


“His parents also loved the idea and had helped me plan it as well.

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“I spent a lot of time researching what kind of glasses to use for his type of color blindness, how the glasses worked and how it would actually affect what he sees.

“I also spent time figuring out how to make the poster board. I tried several different ways of creating a “colorblind message” before settling on using the individual dots.

“My friends Graham, Brooke and Carson helped me plan the evening – Graham and Carson distracted Louis while Brooke and I got everything ready.

Color blind promposal
Cameron Tucker and boyfriend Louis Yang on prom night. ©Brennan Tucker /

“Vlogging and creating videos is a hobby I’ve had for a long time, I only recently started posting on YouTube.

“I really enjoy it because it allows me to be creative and make things that make people smile.

“I like to make videos that are funny, happy and interesting to watch. I like to use vlogging as a way to highlight the happy moments in life or the funny ideas that I have.”

Courtesy of T&T Creative Media