A toddler laughs hysterically when seeing herself in the mirror with flowing locks after her curious dad gave her wigs as he wanted to see what she would look like with hair.

Adorable toddler Hope Nelson, aged one, was out with her parents Charrita and Wendell Nelson, from Windsor Hills, California, at a shopping mall.

The family stopped off at UNice Hair as Wendell was curious to see what Hope would look like with hair, so he gave her a wig to try on.

After putting the first one on Hope checks herself out in the mirror and looks surprised to see herself looking back, and then starts laughing setting off others in the store before trying more.

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Mom Charrita said: “We were in the mall shopping and we stopped by UNice Hair as her daddy was curious to see what she’d look like with hair when she grows up.


“After she tried it on and saw her reaction he tried another one after realizing she loved it – her favorite was definitely the straight wig with the bangs.

“We were extremely surprised with her reaction especially since it was her first time.

“Her personality shines through, she is a true bundle of joy and we make it a point to encourage everything she does and learns. She gets a cheer for almost everything.”

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Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media.