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Girl wrapped in present surprises her father

Girl Wrapped In Present Jumps Out To Surprise Dad After 3 Years Apart

A beloved father let out a huge scream and burst into happy tears, as he opened a gift box to discover his daughter, who he had not seen in three years. His daughter, Stephanie, 21, had moved to Florida to pursue higher education three years prior, and during that time she had not been able to return home to visit her family. But approaching the box in his home town of Lima, Peru, Cesar Rodriguez Torres, 49, had no idea what to expect - least of all his daughter home to surprise him.
wife surprises husband from behind

Wife Surprises Husband Of 60 Years After They Had Been Apart Due To Lengthy...

A wife surprised her husband of 60 years with a surprise reunion after a lengthy hospital stay.
Two sisters and their brother reunite

Sisters Surprise Brother After 30 Years Apart

A 92-year-old man was left completely speechless on his doorstep when his sisters decided to head cross-country to pay him a surprise visit for the first time in 30 years. Joseph Bell did not initially recognize his sisters Carol Miller, 89, and Blanch Stockert, 90, who he had not seen in person since 1990.

Heartwarming Video Captures The Sweet Moment Two Dog ‘Best Friends’ Have A Joyful Reunion

Two best friend dogs adorably reunited after being separated for months during COVID-19 restrictions.

Woman Drives 700 Miles Across Country To Reunite With Best Friend

A woman gave her best friend from school a surprise he'll never forget when she travelled across the country to surprise him at his local restaurant after over six months apart.

Girl Reunites With Dad After 10 Months Apart Due To COVID Restrictions

A little girl anxiously waits at her living room window for the arrival of her dad who she hasn’t seen in 10 months due to COVID restrictions - before charging outside into his arms.
estranged son and father reunite

Estranged Son Surprises Father On 90th Birthday After 25 Years Apart

A father was left completely speechless on his 90th birthday, as his estranged son who he had not seen for more than 25 years turned up to surprise him.

Dog Goes Wild At Being Reunited With Doctor Owner After They Had Spent Three...

An excitable dog couldn’t hide his delight at finally being reunited with his doctor owner after almost three weeks apart due to COVID-19 precautions.

Girl With Cerebral Palsy Screams With Joy As She’s Surprised By Best Friend She...

A girl with cerebral palsy let out a shriek of joy when she was surprised by her best friend who she hadn’t seen for four months due to COVID restrictions.

Grandmother Realizes Family Not Seen In 18 Months Are Outside On Call

A grandmother who hadn’t seen her family for 18 months and yet to meet her new grandchild ran out of her home screaming as she realized they were on a video call on her driveway.