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Man Meets Half-Brother for First Time After Dreaming He Had Sibling

A man was finally about to hug his brother for the first time after a dream where he had a sibling prompted him to take a DNA test and discover a new family member.

Man Returns From College to Surprise Sister Getting Off School Bus

An 11-year-old girl who had never been apart from her older brother before he headed off to college sprinted from her school bus and cried in his arms when he returned home to surprise her.

High School Song Team Surprise Coach at Her Wedding

A stunned bride welled up with joy when the high school dance team she coaches followed up on a promise and crashed her wedding.

Adopted Twins Meet Biological Baby Sister After She Too Is Adopted

Adopted twin toddlers adorably met their biological sister after their adoptive parents also adopted her.

Cruise Pals Meet Again Thanks to Parents’ Epic Surprise

Two boys who met on a family cruise were epically reunited by their scheming parents for one of their birthday's.

Teen in Disguise as Waitress Surprises Long-Distance Boyfriend

An American teen had an emotional reunion with his long-distance girlfriend when she traveled from Spain, donned a blonde wig and dressed as a "trainee" waitress in Alabama to surprise him.

Chance Meeting Reunites American Adoptee With Biological Family in Vietnam

A woman who was adopted from Vietnam to the U.S. reunited with her biological family after a chance encounter during her vacation.

Long-Lost Daughter Reunited With Colombian Mother in Emotional Embrace

A woman who was 19 when she discovered she had been adopted to the U.S. from Colombia as a baby finally shared her first hug with her biological mom after 30 years.

U.S. Man Finds Biological Father in South Korea After 17-Year Search

A 34-year-old man shared an emotional first hug with his biological father in South Korea after traveling from America and spending days trying to find him.

Seat Offer Leads to Surprise Reunion After 30 Years

In a heartwarming twist, a woman's act of kindness to a 'stranger' turned into a surprise as her best friend of three decades reunited with her.
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