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Boyfriend Travels 14 Hours Cross-Country To Surprise His Girlfriend During Her White Coat Ceremony,...

A doctor-to-be was surprised during her white coat ceremony by her long-distance boyfriend who had traveled across the country to see her.

Mom Shocked After “Car Collision” Prank Turns Out To Be Reunion With Life-Long Friends

A woman was left screaming in shock after her husband pretended their car had been involved in a “collision” - only for her two best friends to jump out and surprise...
military dad surprise

Military Dad Returns From Serving In The Middle East To Surprise Daughter On Stage...

A high school student was given an emotional surprise ahead of her graduation, as her military dad who she thought was still overseas suddenly appeared.
pre-school reunion

Pre-school Best Friends, 3, Warm Hearts With Morning Routine, As They Share Much Needed...

A pair of pre-schoolers have warmed hearts online, after a video of their wholesome morning greetings went viral. In the adorable footage, Grace McInerey, 3, can be seen running across the playground into the arms of her best friend, Harper, before sharing a long hug. The two girls then trotted into Indian Ridge Elementary School, Centennial, Colorado, with three-year-old Grace turning around to wave good-bye to her mom along the way.
Brothers reunited after covid separation

Brothers In Their 90s, The Last Of Nine Siblings, Finally Reunite After Year-long Covid...

Two brothers in their 90s - the last of nine siblings - emotionally reunite after being separated for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Champion bodybuilder

Bodybuilder Temporarily Paralyzed And Left Fighting For Her Life By Rare Disorder Returns Home...

A bodybuilding paralyzed by a rare autoimmune disorder surprised her family dressed as Wonder Woman after making a miraculous recovery.

Facebook Group Helps Reunite Owner With Beloved Dog After 9 Months

An owner and her lost dog couldn’t hide their excitement as the pair were finally reunited after nine months apart thanks to the help of strangers in a Facebook group.

Boy Reunited With Dad In Hospital On Birthday After 55 Days

A boy was surprised on his 8th birthday with an emotional reunion with his dad who he hadn't seen for 55 days during his battle with COVID.

Man Surprised By Sister He Has Not Seen In 16 Years

A man could not believe his eyes when he was surprised by his beloved sister – who he had not seen in 16 years.
Blind father surprised

Son Reunites With Blind Father After 3 Years Apart

A blind man was reduced to tears when he heard the voice of his son, who had traveled to surprise him, after more than three years apart.