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Dog Who Spent First Seven Years of Life in Apartment Does Happy Zoomies When...

A tiny dog who spent the first seven years of his life living in a one-bedroom apartment couldn't contain his excitement when his owners surprised him with his first-ever backyard. 

Dog Who Only Ever Knew Apartment Living Does Excited Zoomies When He Sees New...

A dog who had spent his life growing up in an apartment could not hide his delight when he was surprised with his parent's new home, breaking into zoomies in his first-ever backyard.

Girlfriend Surprises Military Boyfriend With New Apartment After Deployment

Chelsea surprised her boyfriend, Sam, with a new apartment after he returned from a 222-day deployment. Sam had no idea what was waiting for him when he was blindfolded and led into the apartment. He was greeted with balloons, American food, and a brand new place to call home.
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