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Kindhearted Couple Free Aggressive Owl From Soccer Net

A Wisconsin family risked injury to rescue an aggressive owl that had become trapped in their soccer net. The family was able to free the owl, and they were praised for their kindness and compassion.

Woman Rescues Injured Street Puppy in Mexico, Adopts Her After Months of Rehab

Diana Salinas was on vacation in Mexico when she saw a puppy dragging her hind legs painfully along the floor. She paid for the puppy's surgery and rehabilitation, and four months later, she adopted the dog, who she named Pinta.

Heroic Rescuers Sail out to Save Puppy Caught in Rip Tide

This is the dramatic moment a group of fishermen headed straight for a distressed-looking spec on the horizon – which turned out to be a puppy caught in a rip tide.

Two Dogs Abandoned in Park With Help Note and Food Bowls Given New Leash...

Two dogs abandoned in a park with just two bowls of food and a note asking for help have been given a new leash of life after being rescued by a passerby.
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